Seamless Pool Edging

About our Seamless Pool Edging


One of the biggest investments you can make on your property is buying a swimming pool and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not considering the value of the actual pool surrounds and landscaping.

Treat your pool as the centrepiece of your yard by framing it with seamless pool edging by Exposed Decorative Concrete WA. Forget about pavers that can subside over time, can easily chip and need to be cut to suit curves. They just never look right.

Seamless pool edging will give you a level, perfectly curved and very hard wearing solution to your pool surround. That’s because seamless pool edging is formed to suit any pool shape, even the most custom of designs.

You can also choose from our great range of exposed aggregate, honed aggregate or liquid limestone products which means you can get the exact look to complement your pool and landscaping. And yes, we can even provide stainless steel skimmer boxes with your choice of product.



So to get started with a seamless pool edging project simply contact Ryan on 0402 185 756 or email



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