Honed Concrete

About our honed concrete


Honed concrete takes skilled tradesmen and a just little more time to complete but the end result is almost always stunning – and Exposed Decorative Concrete WA are your experts in honed concrete.

Honed concrete is becoming increasingly popular as Aussies embrace more of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The smoother finish and refined look of honed concrete is perfect when you want to bring the outdoors indoors. We love it under Alfrescos, in outdoor kitchens and for pool surrounds, although the choices of where to use it are almost limitless.

The process of honing concrete involves grinding the top layer to expose the stones embedded within the concrete. The surface is then acid washed and finished with your choice of  high gloss or matt sealer. In the case of pool surrounds we use an anti-slip sealer.

So to get started with your honed concrete project, simply contact Ryan on 0402 185 756 or email ryanhaastedcwa@yahoo.com



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