Frequently Asked Questions

How many styles and finishes do you have?

When you consider available colours and aggregates, EDCWA have an almost infinite range of combinations to choose from.


What types of concreting do you do?

EDCWA are experts in the following types of concrete work:

  1. Exposed concrete
  2. Honed concrete
  3. Seamless pool edging
  4. Stairs
  5. Liquid limestone
  6. Coloured concrete
  7. Grey concrete

I have brick pavers already in place. Can EDCWA help me remove them?

Yes. EDCWA can definitely remove your existing pavers or pavement and remove any fill/rubbish. We’ll include this in our quote.


Is the site work included?

Yes, if it’s required then we include site work including levelling the ground in our quote. Ryan is on site for the entire process – not just the concrete job.


It looks messy. Will I need to clean up afterwards?

We take all steps to ensure your job is done quickly and cleanly. This is one of the key things that we take care of. We do a professional job but we all ensure mess and muck is minimised.


How long does the concrete take to set?

Generally the product can be walked on after 24 hours and driven on after 7 days.


Do I need council approval?

It depends on the council and the type of work you are doing. Please contact your council to find out if you need a building permit for your project.


Can I choose various colours?

We can to some degree with Liquid Limestone. With Exposed Aggregate we recommend choosing from the product range, however custom mixes are available. Speak to Ryan to find out more.


Is there any way I can see a sample?

Yes, we can show you small samples of our product. If you would like to see something larger then feel free to visit the Holcim booth at the Homemaker Centre in Subiaco.


Does the product need to be sealed?

No, but we definitely recommend it. From time to time we offer free or discounted sealing depending on the job. Feel free to enquire about sealing.


Do you have a guarantee?

Concrete can crack over time so it’s not possible to guarantee the actual product however we guarantee our workmanship is completed to the highest quality. We do everything to help prevent cracking and we provide the best workmanship from start to finish ie: compaction of all jobs, use of corner bars, Able Flex for expansion joints and we lay all mesh on top of plastic “chairs”.


Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured.

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